How long does it take to learn how to play guitar?
It depends on the dedication and commitment the person gives. These may vary according to each person, but a basic level where the student possesses the knowledge of the harmony, and the ability of playing each set of popular songs will take them less than a year of studies.

I have to buy a guitar, which one is the best for me?
When talking about choosing a guitar, one has to think about the kind of guitar and kind of music one likes. If you like rock, do not hesitate about buying an electric guitar. Would like to be a ballad or pop composer? Let’s say you will need and acoustic guitar with metal strings. On the other hand, if one wants to play Latin-American genres the best guitar for you will be a classic guitar, also called Spanish guitar. Last, but, not least, the best option could be: have these three kinds of guitars and be able to play them all.

How are the lessons taken?
The method used will be according to the likes and musical inclination of the student. We will emphasize the styles each student wants to learn the most.

What aspects should I count on when buying a guitar?
There are guitars of different kinds and prices. Their quality will depend on the price. It’s not good to buy the cheapest guitar; usually these guitars are hard for your fingers and get out of tune easily. It is convenient to choose a guitar that fells soft when playing it. When you are buying a guitar please assure yourself that the person selling you the guitar will tune it on A 440. Most of the times the person selling the guitar will show it to us in a really low pitch. This makes us feel the strings softer than how they really are. In addition, it will be really good if you checked the pegs. Check that they are of good quality and that they do not do fake movements. It is worth it if you take a look at them from the distance between the neck of the guitar and the strings, if these are really separated from each other, the guitar will sound out of tune.

How long does each lesson take? How much are the lessons?
Each lesson takes an hour and it costs $35. The whole month will be paid in advanced.

Where are the lessons given?
The lessons are given at my recording studio on 7261 SW 13th ST, Miami.